Name list of Universities and institutes in Cooperation (No Preference Ranking)

1 Khon Kaen University, Thailand

2 Thailand Chandrakasem Rajabhat University

3 Thailand huachiew chalermprakiet University

4 Thailand empress Chiang Mai University

5 Thailand Rai Royal University Thailand

6 University of Baguio, Thailand

7 Thailand Ministry of health and alternative medicine development division Thailand Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Southeast Asia

8 Thailand people's Hospital of Thailand Chiang Mai star Siam

9 Thailand Institute of Chinese Medicine

10 Vietnam Hue University

11 Vietnam Hue University affiliated medical university

12 Vietnam Hanoi Medical University

13 Vietnam Haiphong Medical University

14 Vietnam Pacific Medical University

15 Vietnam Vietnam Military Medical School

16 Vietnam Lang Son Province Health Bureau

17 Malaysia Malaysia traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture Association and its affiliated Malaysia Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine

18 Malaysia Raman University

19 Burma Burma Traditional Medical Association

20 Brunei Brunei Polytechnic

21 Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Ministry of public health of LAOS

22 National University of Singapore, Singapore

23 University of Surabaya, Indonesia

24 Indonesia Bandung Institute of Technology

25 Indonesian Institute of marine research

26 Indonesian Chinese Medicine Association

27 The Endeavour College of Natural Health, Australia

28 Australia southwest Technology Education Institute

29 Royal University of science and technology, Melbourne, Australia

30 Griffith University, Australia

31 Mcgee University, Canada

32 Chinesische Naturheilkunde Akademie e. V

33 France Lyon China Education Institute

34 Caremeau Central Hospital, Nimes University, France

35 Prague Czech medical school

36 Poland Poland Institute of preventive health care

37 Texas women's University, USA

38 Wall Street College, New York, USA

39 New York Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and health care

40 Monroe College, USA

41 Morehouse Medical College, USA

42 D’ Youville College, USA

43 University College Worcester, England

44 University of Nottingham, England

45 British Leicester University

46 Japan Saitama Medical University

47 Portugal Piaget University

48 Portugal Gwadar MIT

49 Portugal, Portugal, Portugal

50 Russian Voronezh Medical University

51 Novosibirsk Medical University

52 Hongkong nurses training and Education Foundation

53 The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College

54 School of Chinese Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

55 School of Professional and Continuing EducationThe University of Hong Kong

56 Baptist University

57 Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Hongkong Academy of Chinese Meidcine

58 Hongkong Vassar International Association of Chinese Medicine

59 Hongkong Vassar Chines Medicine College

60 Hongkong Hospital Authority

61 Hongkong Pok Oi Hospital

62 Hongkong PuraPharm International

63 Taiwan Tzu Chi University

64 Taiwan Taiwan Kang Hesheng biochemical Polytron Technologies Inc

65 Taiwan area, Taiwan health Jun Chinese medicine clinic

66 Taiwan National Institute of Chinese medicine in Taiwan

67 Taiwan Taiwan Nose King Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

68 Taipei Association of Chinese Physicians, Taiwan

69 Association of Chinese Cross Strait Medical and Health Cooperation.

70 Advise International, Pakistan