Chinese Language Class for Foreigners

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Download of Application Form for Chinese Languages courses


Faculty of International Education of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine is planning to open a Chinese Language Class on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is special for the overseas students who will pursue the study of TCM. There is no requirement of HSK score after the completion of Chinese Language Class. Those who meet the requirement of admission can directly study for undergraduate programs in our university.
The enrolled ASEAN students can apply for ASEAN Scholarship of Guangxi Government. If approved, the tuition fees of the students will be adjusted according to the policy of governmental scholarship. We will return the tuition fee of Chinese Language Class year by year for five years to those who study at their own expense to complete all the studies with good grades and continue to study a full-time undergraduate program of TCM in our university. Besides, they enjoy the priority to apply for the Undergraduate Scholarship of Guangxi Government in the next year.
Admission: The foreigners who are in good character, good health, and willing to abide by Chinese law and school rules can apply for it. And, the foreigners who will receive undergraduate programs of TCM after the completion of Chinese LanguageClass in our university need the qualification of education equivalent to Chinese high school or above.
Tuition Fee: 12,000 RMB/ person/ year (or according to signed contract)
Registration fee: 400 RMB/ person
Course Arrangement:
Elementary Chinese
Elementary Chinese,
Elementary Chinese Reading
Chinese Listening
Elementary Chinese Listening, Chinese Listening on TCM
Oral Chinese
Elementary Oral Chinese,
Oral Chinese on TCM
Comprehensive Chinese on Medicine
Chinese Reading on Medicine,
Basic Ancient literature of Medicine
Physical Examination in Guangxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine
For Residence Permit for Overseas Students
Apply for Undergraduate Admission Procedure
2016.6.30(according to the official test date)
HSK (Basic) Test
Faculty of International Education
 Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
May 21, 2013