Certificate of Authorization for Advise Internationl

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Certificate of Authorization for Advise Internationl


Jul. 15, 2015

Certificate of Authorization
It is to certify that Advise International is the only agency in Pakistan which is exclusively authorized to introduce the student from South Asia and Africa to participate the bachelor degree program in Clinical Medicine from Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine (GXUCM) from Sep. 2015 to July, 2020. All the sub agents will work under the close cooperation with Advise International.
Advise International is authorized to use the logo and publicity materials from GXUCM in the advertising for this program.
Prof. Jiang Jichang
Dean, Faculty of International Education
Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

Advise International, found in 2009 is one of the leading competitors in South Asia and Africa  in the study abroad field. It has been on the frontline since we started. With a large number of students studying abroad,Advise International is are confident regarding any kind of questions which might pop up in any mind regarding study abroad. To become one of the most reputed and reliable names in Global Educational and be recognized as the best in providing Career Guidance. This will be achieved by helping students reach their dream destination, irrespective of their financial and academic stature.