Chinese-English Dishes I

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回锅肉 twice cooked spicy pork

酸菜大肠  stir-fried pickled vegetables and intestines

酸笋鸭肉  duck with sour bamboo shoot

三鲜蛋饭  stir-fried chicken with meatball, sausage and egg

葱爆猪柳  stir-fried pork slices with shallot

兰豆腊肉  stir-fried dried fatty meat with peapod

甜椒牛肉  beef with pimientos

鸡翅蛋饭  chicken wing with egg

鸡腿蛋饭  chicken leg with egg

咖喱鸡腿  chicken leg with curry

咖喱鸡翅  chicken wing with curry

烤鸭翅   roasted duck wing

烤鸭腿   roasted duck leg

海鲜饭   rice with seafood

回味鸡   aftertaste chicken


卤油*烧with barbecued pork

蜜汁*烧 honey barbecued pork

广州烧鸭 Guangzhou roasted duck

美式扣肉 Steamed fatty pork

咖喱鸡块chicken with curry

黑椒牛排 black pepper steak

咖喱牛排 curry steak

黑椒猪扒 black pepper pork cutlet

咖喱猪扒 curry pork cutlet

港式三宝 three typical meat in HongKong style